Professional recommendations


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March 2015 - Justine Briatte - Webmaster Fournier Pressing

I worked and I have worked regularly with Maxime for e-commerce projects. I have really appreciated his reactivity, his ideas and his kindness. Maxime is a qualified SEO manager and he is always trying to improve the results.

Rigor, seriousness and good mood is the perfect recipe for a collaboration in gold!

Décember 2014 - Valerie Larroche - Head of Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing

The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing was created on 2009 and Maxime was a student of the first promotion. I appreciate how Maxime was a serious student, his indulgence and sense of collective. It was really a pleasure to work with Maxime. He has initiated the creation of our website.

Since he got graduated, he has become a SEO and digital marketing project manager always available for sharing his experiences.

September 2012 - Jacqueline Bérard - Head of Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing

Dear Maxime,

You were constantly involved and engaged for the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing and you got rewarded.

I would like to focus on the fact you have still been available and faithful for working for the content strategy of our website.

With all my trust

Personal recommendations

Following the recommendations from people I have met through Helpx and Couhsurfing networks.


February 2015 - Esther, owner of a lifestyle property south of Auckland / New-Zealand. She is hosting volunteers for over than 7 years

Maxime is respectful, adaptable, co-operative and intelligent.

He remembers what needs to be done and uses his initiative to take care of the property as if it was his own.

We have had numerous helpers over the last 10 years and definitely found Maxime to be one of the best.

Maxime kept himself and his living space clean and tidy. He made delicious meals and cleaned up afterwards.

We really found him fun to have around, keen to learn and always offering to help. He follows instructions well and if he doesn’t understand he will ask you to clarify.

Maxime was always there as an extra pair of hands exactly when it was needed – gosh now I will have to go back to only one pair of hands !!!***!!!

We will miss your playfulness, humour and croaky (frog) laugh.

May all your dreams come true, your life be one of joy and I hope we keep in touch.

January 2015 - John, owner of a lifestyle property north-west of Auckland / New-Zealand. He is hosting volunteers for over 10 years.

Max stayed with us for three or four weeks over the Christmas and New Year holidays and we can honestly say he is highly recommended, both for his work and his great sense of humour and fun. He has proved to be one of our very best helpers.

He successfully completed many very varied tasks – from using a jack-hammer to break up concrete to making delicious crepes for dinner! Other jobs included mowing lawns, sweeping the yards, cleaning the swimming pool, feeding horses, fixing fencing, attempting to shear sheep, and helping with any computer issues. All done with willingness and enthusiasm. Socially Maxime is great fun, we went to the surf beaches a couple of times, enjoyed a few beers,and – ooh la la – teaching his hosts a little more French!

Maxime is welcome back anytime, and we wish him good luck with the rest of his travelling.

October 2014 - Darren et Rebecca, owners of a cattle and horses farm south of Mackay / Queensland, Australia. They are hosting volunteers for 3 years.

Dear future hosts

We can highly recommend Max, he has been an awesome volunteer on our property for the last 3 months. He would have to be one of the best helpers we have ever had !!

We have enjoyed his company and his sense of humour. He is always happy and polite. He is more than able to work without supervision. He is a very good worker and we found him to be very helpful around the farm.

We have appreciated his help with all the farm jobs. He fed the cat and chooks, mixed horse feeds, picked up manure, collected rocks and sticks, sanded the house and shed.

Max would often work more hours than he had to and he would always be out of bed very early in the morning. He was very helpful in the kitchen. He would always lend a hand with cooking meals and washing dishes. He can make a tasty salad and delicious crepes.

Besides the work we also had a bit of fun together going the beach, the pub, camping, boat fishing, having BBQ’s, catching mudcrabs plus he was taught some basic horse handling skills like haltering, leading and picking up feet.




January 2014 - Sarah and Unai / Belgium

That was really nice to meet Maxime at the boarding game meeting in Brisbane as he is a really easygoing guy, with a genuine will to learn and discover, and a big smile all the time on his face! We enjoyed to share a good time with him and others couchsurfers at the Sunshine coast during the Australia Day !

Enjoy your stay in Australia “mate”


November 2013 - Franco / Argentina

Maxime took us on a great city tour around Lyon, it was a very interesting way of strolling around the city. very nice guy, nice talking to him.

Thank u so much for your time!


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